About Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers in Houston, TX

At FancyPups.com, you can learn more about caring and living with Yorkshire terriers near Houston, TX. Contact us today if you have any questions.

Teacup Yorkie puppies have little bodyweight which makes it easy to overload their little livers with chemicals. The heartworms don’t manifest until at least four months of age, so some of the harmful medications used on them are the heartworm preventatives.

Systemic flea medication can also be very harmful to puppies. When puppies have fleas, a good treatment is to simply wash them with warm water and gentle shampoo. This could suffocate the fleas without injuring the puppy.

Happiness in a Furry Bundle

Your children have been begging you for a dog, so now you have decided to give in and buy one. You will make the right move when you choose a puppy from our selection of Yorkies for sale in Houston, TX. Yorkshire terriers are ideal for households with family members of all ages.

While a large dog can be just as loving as a small one, a bigger breed can pose problems because of its size and strength. Because of its compact size, you can easily snuggle up to a Yorkshire puppy and show it a lot of love. Additionally, we offer Teacup Yorkies when you want a Yorkie but have extremely limited space or just want the littlest dog possible.

Don't let their diminutive size fool you, though. Yorkies have minds of their own and make their presence known in the houses where they live. They are naturally feisty and adventurous, so a Yorkie will give you and your children a lot of exercise running around with them. Our Yorkshire puppy breeders have the experience and know-how to make sure you receive a puppy that is everything you want in a family pet.


When shopping for puppies, it is important to remember that there are many scams out there. We often hear about unfortunate buyers being scammed or almost scammed. It’s more prevalent than you’d think. Some of the flags to look for include:

  • A website with no credible phone number that requires you to communicate through email or texts only.
  • American addresses that are not theirs.
  • Puppies that are offered for free if you pay the transportation.
  • Payments or deposits made through Western Union or Moneygrams. (These cannot be recovered.)
  • Language syntax which seems foreign or misspelled words.

We are proud of the quality of our Yorkshire Terrier puppies. They come with shot records and full registration, as well as a sample of premium puppy food. You can trust that our puppies are always kept clean and groomed. We never ship pups or meet a customer somewhere. You must come to our home to purchase a puppy.

Internet Ordering, Blogs, etc.

Everyone has heard the saying, “If you see it on the internet, it must be true.” Remember that some of the information on the internet is credible, and some is not. There are a lot of bloggers who like to bring down their competitors for their own agenda. If they encounter difficulty in selling their products, they impede other people in an attempt to make themselves look good by making others look bad. Unfortunately, there is little accountability on the internet. Remember that there’s always more than one side to a story.

Puppy Care Instructions


Unless we tell you otherwise, these pups are eating a good quality dried food called Royal Canine Yorkshire Terrier Puppy (small kibble). This is designed specifically for Yorkie pups. To our knowledge you can only get it at pet stores or order it online. We recommend feeding it dried only unless we advise otherwise. Many Yorkie pups are picky eaters and eat more like cats than dogs. Don’t expect them to “woof” it down like many large breeds. They usually eat a few kibbles at a time and come back to the bowl a few minutes later for more. This tells us that for some of the smaller or pickier pups you need to keep it available most of the time.


Sometimes with the toy breeds, puppies can suffer from hypoglycemia, which means low blood sugar. This doesn’t happen often, but be aware just in case. Please don’t over-play or handle your new puppy too much. Other dogs can over- exert a new puppy if they play too much. Constant holding and carrying them is not necessary and can be detrimental. They need their rest time like we do. If they seem to be disoriented or shaky and lethargic it could be hypoglycemia. They might even have a seizure. A quick-fix for hypoglycemia may be to smear or rub a little Nutrical or Fortical on the pup’s palate. We usually send a tube of Fortical home with your puppy just in case. You may have to force their mouth open to do this. This is very serious and possibly fatal if not performed. You usually see fast results. Do not squirt liquids down their throat when they are in this condition, as it can cause them to aspirate. As we have stated, this is a quick fix. If this persists, they should see a vet. Don’t wait until the next day, as this is an emergency.

We give you a more elaborate info sheet at purchase time about treatment and prevention.

Going to the Vet

Our guarantee stipulates you taking your pup to a veterinarian within the first two business days for a new puppy well-check. We don’t count weekends and holidays. We recommend a local neighborhood vet with good recommendations. We don’t recommend the large chain type pet store vets because some of them tend to over-vaccinate and over-med because of commissions. These chain stores are fine for dog food and beds and toys but we don’t recommend them for veterinary services. We find that heart worm preventatives and Leptospirosis are very hard on their livers, especially the smallest ones. In our opinion, heart worm preventatives and Leptospirosis don’t need to be started so young and especially on the first visit and Leptospirosis is very rare in our area. It comes from rodents. Please keep up with the vaccination and worming record on your puppy because the records go with you and we don’t keep copies. Your vet needs this.

How Puppies are Priced

There is a wide range of prices. The prices are determined by different criteria. The things that drive prices are size, gender, overall quality, haircoats, and demand.   Yorkie pups can range from $1200 to $3500.